10 Failed Swag Ideas

Do I need a plush Tortuga?

We have all watched the various shows at the faires we attend and seen the swag that the entertainers have for sale. Below are 10 failed swag ideas that no one wants to see at a faire.

Swag = products for sale by entertainers that carries a logo or brand that lets you remember part of the show or take part of the fun home with you.

Now, this swag is very important and taking home a t-shirt displaying your favorite line from a show or a DVD of a performance is not only a great way to remember your time at the faire but it is a great way to support those acts and shows that really made an impression on you and your family.  Buy a CD of one of the great musical acts that perform at the faire, buy a bumper sticker that shows your support or again… grab a t0shirt.

Now, that being said, there is some swag that just doesn’t make sense.  Some of the products that these acts are pushing on the good playtrons and visitors tot he faire are just ridiculous.  Take a look at some of the items these entertainers are proposing for this faire season:

10 Failed Swag Ideas

  1. Nuttin’ but Mud Cleaning Products
  2. Ded Bob’s Guide to Ventriloquism
  3. London Broil’s Juggling Knives for Beginner’s
  4. Johnny Phoenix Straight Jacket Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  5. Don Juan & Miguel Pasta Maker
  6. Bottled Washing Well Wenches Water
  7. Thom Selectomy’s Used Balloon Grab-bag
  8. Cast in Bronze the Silent Movie
  9. Cutthroat Shamrock:  50s Doo Wop
  10. Christophe the Insultor’s Big Box of Sympathy Cards

Support your entertainers, make sure that each and everyone of the shows that you enjoy, enjoy a good living:  buy some of their swag.  Take home those items that help you remember the talent and the laughs.  Contribute when they pass the hat and buy some swag!