10 Faire Foods You Need to Try

I asked a question in the Squire’s Tavern on the RenaissanceFestival.com Forums:  What are your top Faire Foods, those foods that you have to have each and every time that you visit a faire.  Here are the reponses that I got back.

Top Ten

  1. Bread Bowls – Hands down, this was the most nominated item.  I would have to throw my vote behind this as well.  I love a good bread bowl.  Being able to finish off the bowl once you are done with the soup is always a nice thing.
  2. Scotch Eggs – The scotch egg got many nominations.  It is brought up as a hangover cure and as a good side item with a pint of Guinness.  I am a fan of the scotch egg and they are a nice snack during the day or as an impromptu breakfast. I am going to try and make these at home sometime soon.
  3. Smoked Turkey Legs – You all know my love of Turkey Legs.  There was talk on the forum of one set of turkey legs at one faire not being actual turkey.  Apparently vegetarian Smoked Turkey Legs abound at some faires. You would think that vegetarians would be as turned off by they way the would look. veggie or not.
  4. Shepard’s Pie – I would have shepard’s pie everyday for lunch if I could. And maybe again at dinner. Possibly a snack…
  5. Fish & Chips – The King’s Cod Piece, need I say more.
  6. Ham and Cheese Quiche – Real men at Ren Faires do eat quiche.
  7. Soft Pretzels – Soft Pretzels are good every where.  There is no better snack in the afternon at the faire. Especially when chased with a beer.
  8. Gyros – WOW!  I love gyros.  I don’t see them at every faire but this needs to be a staple from here on out.  Maybe there can be a law passed or something.
  9. Prime Rib Trencher – A bit messy but fabulous.
  10. Cheese Balls – Nuff said.
One last comment, the topic on the forum produced a great line that cracked me up.  This, from Merlin the Elder:
I thought Scarborough’s were smoked (referring to Turkey Legs), too, but the one I had opening day didn’t taste like it. It made me feel sorry for the peg-legged turkey I saw along the side of the road outside Scarborough, though…
Thanks to everyone on the forum!