Just in case you get in the wrong line one day, here are 10 ways to know you are at a Steampunk Festival instead of a Renaissance Faire:

  1. steampunk fiThe eye-patch on the pirate is moving and glowing
  2. The Satyr has bionic-cloven-hooves
  3. Ded Bob is a steam driven puppet… of death!
  4. If you decided to wear your Jedi robes, the Vikings might not kick your butt.  There might not even be any Vikings.
  5. Curly mustaches are all the rage.  They are not just for Musketeers anymore.
  6. The Green-Man is not so much green as steam-driven monstrosity… of death!
  7. Top hats instead of tricorns
  8. People juggling has been replaced with clockwork-robots juggling
  9. It may not be appropriate to stick your tip in the Beer-Wench’s bodice. And the beer-wench has been replaced with a beer stein, wielding robot… of death!
  10. Someone is wearing a Cog-Covered Codpiece

Either type of faire you end up at, you are going to have a good time.  If you see that there is a Steampunk faire in your area and you are normally a Rennie, give it a shot.  Strap some vacuum tubes to your bracers, glue some cogs to your belt and get in line.

Steampunk is here to stay folks, get used to it and learn to love it. I am not saying you all have to become Sky-Ship Captains tomorrow but at least think about going Steampunk for a day or two.