10 Ways to Know you are Hooked on Minecraft

Watch out for the Creeper!

So it is official, I am hooked – nay – addicted to Minecraft.  A co-worker brought the game to my attention (read: whipped out his laptop and let me actually see the game in progress).  I played on his laptop for a few minutes and bought the game that night.  Now, it has become one of the biggest time-wasters since World of Warcraft.

In case you are unfamiliar with the game here is a brief synopsis:
You are an explorer, dumped in an 8-bit world.  You have nothing but your hands and you can destroy basic blocks with your hands.  As you destroy blocks, you get resources form those blocks – like wood, dirt and cobblestone.  As you collect resources, you are able to craft everything you need, from houses and weapons to tools and food.

Oh, did I mention that at night monsters come out and attack you?  Well, at night, monsters come out and attack you.  Zombies, skeletons, creepers and more come out of the wood work as the sun goes down and attempt to kill you and undo everything you do.

There is more to the game, but this is the basics.  You get to build in an 8-bit world with square blocks, and the sky is really the limit as to what you want to build.  Check the image out below, it was made in Minecraft:

So, I have been hooked.  I am having to designate one night a week to Minecrafting, otherwise, I would while away all of my time digging drift mines and looking for crap to make other crap with.

10 Ways to Know you are Hooked on Minecraft

  1. You have an hour long discussion with members of your family that are under the age of 18 as to why the graphics are ‘cool.’
  2. You begin only eating food that is square – Chex cereal, sandwiches, etc.
  3. You break your hand when you decide that you can chop down a tree with your hand.
  4. You start wondering what items you can put together in the game to make a gun.  Hint – Iron in the shape of a gun and gunpowder, does not work.
  5. All cars, not just Volvos, began to look blocky.
  6. You are spending your lunch hour mining instead of eating (this one is true for me, I hate to say).
  7. You know that zombie flesh will make you sick but it looks so tasty (This one is for Scaramouche Tortuga).
  8. You consider making your avatar look just lik eyou so that you can truly immerse yourself in the game – just weird if you ask me – though mine looks like Captain Jack Sparrow right now).
  9. You start starching your clothes to make them more 8-Bit looking.
  10. You begin looking outside your ‘real’ house at night to make sure that there are no Creepers out their lurking – ready to explode.

Here is the next part of the question:  Has anyone seen Minecraft style 8-Bit armor at the Ren Faire yet?  You can buy the sword and the pick at Thinkgeek so I think it is just a matter of time.