2 Merry men

Moose always swallows and camels just spit

What happens when you add the slapstick hilarity of the Three Stooges to the wit of the Smothers Brothers and the idiocy of a drunken frat party… you get 2 Merry Men.

These guys combine sea-shantys and pub songs into a great show that will have you laughing and singing along.  Are you not up on your pub songs?  Do you need a few more to sing the next time you are out and you are drunk enough that you need to sing, nay, that you have to sing? Is your pub crawl just a tad too boring?  These guys will be your heroes.  Their timing is perfect and they have great voices as well.  Now, before you get too excited, realize that their show is not really for kids, in fact the songs they sing should not be memorized by kids unless you want them to get thrown out of school.  Plus, the content of some of the songs would lead to really long answers to vastly inappropriate questions later.  And like all good Ren Acts they make sure to tell you that they are not appropriate for small ears.

They even have a CD out so you can take the hilarity home with you.  And guess what lads and ladies – the Moose Song is on it.  Check out a video of the Moose Song below:

Great show, great entertainment and bawdy humor, what more can you ask.  Make the 2 Merry Men show a stop the next time you are at a faire and they are performing.  And be prepared to sing-a-long people, its just polite.