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Posted by on Jan 27, 2012 in Vocab | 2 comments



I am feeling a little extra geeky today and thought that I would add to your vocabulary.  If you are ever looking for a word to express joy, and I mean joy found on the internet, then might I suggest that you begin to use the word woot.  Woot as defined in the dictionary is an expression of joy and yes, it was added to the dictionary in 2011 so it is even scrabble worthy.  First some definitions.

Concise Oxford English Dictionary added woot and several others word sin 2011.  They say that woot is used to express elation, enthusiasm or triumph.  According to some online sources, woot may have orginally been spelled w00t (with zeros) or w007.  Either way it started being use don the internet and its usage is wide enough now that it is a real word like sexting or googling someone.  I have always heard that it started with MMORPGs like Everquest (wonderful loot) and World of Warcraft (WOW loot).  I don’t know that it really matters where it started but it is a good word and here to stay.  Let’s practice shall we.

Rennie 1 – Do you want to go to the last jousting match of the day?

Rennie 2 – Woot!

Rennie 1 – What did yo0u think of Paulo Garbanzo’s show?

Rennie 2 – Woot!

Did that help?  Woot is a one word sentence.  It can be used in place of a huge explanation.  Why spend time explaining how great Paulo is?  Why say “Of course, we are going to the last jousting match, you idiot!”

When asked if you thought the mead wench was hot should you have to say more then… Woot!

Keep your new word in mind.  The next time you bowl, let out a loud woot if you get a strike.  When you win while you are playing an FPS online, scream WOOT!  And remember woot is always said with and exclamation point.

-Bobaganush the Pirate – WOOT!



  1. Book marked, I love your site! :)

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