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Posted by on Feb 14, 2012 in Entertainment | 0 comments

Maidens IV

Maidens IV

Maidens IV has been entertaining people at Ren Faires and Celtic Festivals since 2003.  They blend Celtic and Folk music with amazing voices and instrumental skills that are second to none.  Playing all over the nation these young ladies have brought a different style of music to people all over the country.  They have grown from a duet to a total of four Maidens and they are quickly becoming a favorite on the faire circuit.

Maidens IV are professional musicians.  Some with classical training, all with a professional background, they bring their Celtic roots to the stage and mix in some folk, some pop, some rock, some jazz and a lot of fun.  More then just a music show, they dance, sing and wrap you in the mists of the Celtic people with the power of their song.  One of the most wonderful aspects of their show is how talented they are on their instruments.  Each of the Maidens plays several instruments, dance and they all sing:  all at the same time.  Now for some, getting decent at one instrument is hard enough, getting good enough to perform with one instrument is fantastic, playing and singing and dancing and doing it all as well as Maiden IV is priceless.  Their show is energetic, heartfelt, and unique.  They play traditional Celtic songs with a contemporary spin and they are just out of this world.

Their signature sound is known as the “Dueling Strings.”  Abigail and Havilah take the sound of the violin and viola to a different place.  The complement of the two instruments working in harmony and building that harmony is countered by the guitar, piano and percussion.  They let the instruments tell a story.  Close your eyes and let them take you to a meadow in Ireland.  Lean back under a tree and be transported.

They also have produced their own music so you can take it home with you.  They currently have 5 CD’s out:

  • Charm & Fire (as Maidens III)
  • Four Aflame
  • Emerald Fire
  • Celtic Fire
  • Live Out Loud
Each CD is a little different and available from their website.

Here are some places that you might see them this year:

But be sure to check their tour schedule as it does change and they are always adding dates throughout the year.

If you happen to hear the strains of Celtic music drifting to you over the faire, check the brochure and see if it is Maidens IV.  If it is, then you need to run, not walk, to their stage and find a place to sit and enjoy the music.  I promise you will find yourself floored by how amazing they are and how beautifully they perform.

-Bobaganush the Pirate

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