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Posted by on Mar 29, 2012 in Faire Reviews | 0 comments

Northern California Pirate Festival

Northern California Pirate Festival

Northern California Pirate Festival

Father’s Day Weekend – June 16-17, 2012

The idea behind the Northern California Pirate Festival is to give everyone that loves the piratical way of life a place to come out and celebrate.  Whether you are into the movie style swashbuckler or the historical, pirates fromt he Golden Age of Piracy, there is something for everyone at the Nor Cal Pirate Fest.  Come in costume, listen to a few seas shanties, eat your fill of faire food and plan to spend your whole day with the best pirate son the west coast.  And whats more, its free.

Look at the Entertainment list below, there are more names on this then on a lot of faires twice this size and they bring all of this to you for free.  Look at the merchants below, lots of goods, all with a pirate theme.  The folks at Nor Cal Pirate Fest are planning a father’s day weekend to end all weekends.  Looking for that special gift for Dad, this is the place to go.  All guys like pirates and I beat the dad in your life would love to go to the Nor Cal Pirate Fest and have the time of his life living out his dreams of pirate-hood from childhood.

Entertainment from 2011:

  • Tom Lewis
  • Capt jack Spareribs
  • The Seadogs
  • Skip Henderson & Starboard Watch
  • Schooner Aldebaran
  • Dogwatch Nautical Band
  • The Pirates Charles
  • Court of the Pirate Lords
  • Captain Kidd & Nellie
  • School of Piracy
  • BOOM
  • Privateers of the Dauntless
  • The Brotherhod of Albion
  • Serpent Sirens Swords
  • Bilgemunky of Bilgemunky Pirate Radio
  • Hawkeye Harris Pirate Storyteller
  • Queen Anne’s Revenge
  • Tales of the Seven Seas
  • The Scavengers
  • Stubby Wood
  • Pirates of Emerson
  • Morgan’s Companie
  • Government House
  • The Dead Pirate Macabre
  • Bloody Scupper Plunder Club
Merchants for 2011:
  • Marty Magic
  • Pale Moon
  • Benitez Jewelers
  • Wood Stone Leather & Bone
  • Puzzle Rings and Astrolabes
  • Quicksilver’s Pirate Pots
  • No Quarter Given
  • A Pirate’s Delight
  • Shady lady
  • Bulleye Leather
  • NativeEarth
This is your chance Northern California!  Get out there.  Gran your cutlass and your tricorne.  Go the Vallejo and have a blast at the Nor Cal Pirate Fest!

Northern California Pirate Festival
Near 289 Mare Island Way
Vallejo, CA

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