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Posted by on Apr 17, 2012 in Costume, Editorial | 6 comments

10 Costumes to Make Fun of at the Faire

10 Costumes to Make Fun of at the Faire

10 Costumes to Make Fun at the Ren Faire

Stop the Ninjas!

Now, before any of you accuse me of Garb Snarking, I am talking about the people that obviously meant to arrive in what they choose to arrive in.  These are not people that don’t have the right kind of sword to go with their outfit.  These are not the people that choose two different types of symbolism that only the truly geeky would spot as being incorrect.  These people, at some point chose to show up in what they chose to show up in.

I am also not recommending that we harass these people to the point that they choose not to come back to the faire.  But, I would say that they have brought the shame of what they are wearing on themselves.  They decided to wear the horrible costume and they whould realize that the snickering of the Rennies and Playtrons  around them is at them and not with them.

I am also, excluding little kids from this list.  12 and under get a pass.  They can wear what they want and you are not allowed to pick on them or laugh at them (at least while they can hear you).  If they have on the plastic jumpsuit costume from Halloween, that is OK.  They are kids.

Top Ten List:

  1. The dude in the Poet shirt and blue jeans - Just look for him, he is there.  If you can’t find him, it might be you.
  2. The various versions of the Potter-verse characters - Unless they are under the age of 12.  Remember, little kids are always to be loved and protected at the faire.  They get a pass.
  3. The person that bought one piece of costuming while they were at the faire and is choosing to wear it with their street clothes.  At the Tennessee Ren Fest a few years ago, this was the guy that was wearing a Legionnaire helmet with his basketball shorts and t-shirt.
  4. And speaking of t-shirts, the person that has the breastplate printed on their t-shirt.  Great if you are trying to geek out on a night out, not so great if you are using that as your breastplate for your knight garb.
  5. The goth / emo kids that think because they are wearing robey, black outfits that they are Rennies.
  6. Cardboard Armor – While I will admit that some of this is cool, most of it looks bad/dumb and I always pray a quick rainstorm on these poor souls.
  7. The guy that obviously went through everybody’s garb boxes when they got to the faire and cobbled together a costume.  You will know him by the fact that nothing matches and he is wearing a pair of sneaks with the rest of his gear.  We all have this friend.
  8. Star Wars – I am really tired of Jedi showing up at the faire.  The next time I see Darth Whoever sporting a light-saber, I may forget that my own sword is peace -tied
  9. Star Trek – Any color, Command Yellow, Science Blue or the soon-to-be-dead Reds
  10. Ninjas – ’nuff said.  As a Pirate, I freakin’ hate ninjas.

- Bobaganush the Pirate


  1. Not that I’m complaining about one of the patrons that showed up to both of our Faires, but one “woman” showed up that decided to wear 4 ” tall heels with a very short skirt and skimpy blouse – and well, she didn’t have much luck at Hammond Castle since it’s mostly stairs (with no elevators) ;)

    • It is at times like people don’t use their brains. At the Highland Ren Fest in Kentucky (which is in July) you see people there completely over dressed and then complaining because they are hot. It does make one laugh.

  2. I’ve finally gotten to the point I don’t look at ‘costumes’ as bad if the patron is really trying to fit in. But when she starts buying hand made hats, bags, jewelry to complete her whole look and asks my opinion, it takes all I got to say how nice it goes together. (“why yes me m’lady, the drawstring ties at the back of the neck, the sheer polyester skirting showing your pink short shorts underneath and the plastic belt bucket do go very well with the wool and linen hat with authentic Celtic hand woven trim.”)

    • HA! That is too funny. It does always amaze WHAT people will put together. My personal pet peeve (I left it off because it sounds way to catty) is the sneakers with the costume. I know the shoes can be expensive but come on!

    • Oh And I really don’t mean the ones trying to fit in and that is what they have this time and will build their garb as they can. (and at least ‘she’ had those shorts on underneath. I’m just saying!)

      • Completely understand what you mean. I had a time writing this post for that reason. I don’t want people to think that I am picking on those people just starting out. I am picking on the ones that are choosing to look like what they look like, lol.

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