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Posted by on Sep 24, 2012 in Faire Reviews | 0 comments

Fishers Renaissance Faire

Fishers Renaissance Faire

Fishers Renaissance Faire

October 6-7, 2012

Today we visit the great state of Indiana.  In Fishers, IN each year in the fall, the locals put on a faire to take visitors and citizenry alike back in time to a simpler and exceptionally more fun place.  The site for the faire becomes a small medieval village, full of shopping, food, excitement, shows and much more.  Fishers Renaissance Faire is a delight for children of all ages.  This faire as a few highlights that I think are wonderful and have put this faire on my bucket list:

  • Quest Station – This is a great way to throw a little education into your day.  You stop by to get  a list of questions that you will have to journey about the faire to answer.  I guarantee that your children (and maybe some adults) will not realize that they are getting some knowledge while they are having fun finishing the quest.
  • Maypole Dance – You see this at a lot of faires.  Gather around the Maypole to learn how to do this traditional dance.
  • Pub Sing at the Essex Gate – An end of the day tradition for a lot of faires.  The entertainers gather to have a group sing with htose dedicated fans that want to hang around for a little longer.
  • Lady Talbot’s Riding Lesson – Lady Talbot teaches riding etiquette and proper technique in this daily occurrence.
  • Publik Gaol – They take the idea of the public humiliation ad dispute resolution to a whole new level.  You can even try out for the job of executioner for the day.


  • 3 Pints Gone
  • Blue Boar Inn
  • Drunk & Sailor
  • Enchantments
  • Helios the Phoenix
  • Hey Nonny Nonny Players
  • Kings Court Singers
  • Knights of Valour Joust Troupe
  • Knotty Bits
  • Lute and Lady Lawson
  • Minstrel Teig
  • Minstrel Woode
  • Molotov the Gypsy
  • Publik Gaol
  • Punch & Judy Puppet SHow
  • The Queen’s Madrigal Choir
  • Ric Roc Zoo
  • Rodney the Elder
  • Rusty Mudd
  • The Rogue Blades
  • Whiskey Bards


  • Accent Details Studio
  • Accent Details Studios
  • Adventures Begin Here
  • All My Relations
  • Amazin Amazement
  • American Heritage
  • Ann Duncan Designs
  • Beanstalk Bazaar
  • Bob Hoffman Pewter
  • Candles by Jenni
  • Costumes by Loren
  • Crane’s Post
  • Creek Rock Players
  • Crystal Pirate Cove
  • Dark River Pottery & Forge
  • Dragon Hoard
  • Fairie Worlde
  • Fox Moon Gypsy
  • Frippery
  • Gothic Edge
  • Gypsy Masks
  • Haegtessa’s Wyrd
  • Hamish’s Dreck
  • Herbs and Simples
  • Hero’s Haven
  • Historic Trade
  • Hoosier Historic Enterprise
  • Imaginations’ Flight
  • Kansas Holiday Woodcraft
  • Kayla Troutman
  • Keltic Karavan
  • La Paloma Hats
  • Lady MacSnood
  • Leather & Wood
  • Magnetic Glass
  • Manchi Neko
  • Mid East Magic
  • Mystical Cupboard
  • Part Tyme Perfumerie
  • Perchance to Dream
  • Philosophers Stone
  • Rainmaker Art Studio
  • Rice Originals
  • Royal Parlor
  • Sassy Sally
  • Silver -n- Beads
  • Simple Soap Works
  • Something Different
  • Swords & More
  • The Naked Parrot
  • Things From Rings
  • This, That, & More
  • Thy Camera Obscura
  • Under the Mushroom
  • Ursula’s Alcove
  • Wicked Wench Productions
  • Willow’s Keep Pottery
  • World Trendz
  • Your Name on a Piece of Rice
  • Zaiyre Originals
The first week of October, if you are in Indiana or a nearby state, make the trip.  treat yourself and your family to some good fun in the fall.  Great shopping and great shows abound at Fishers Renaissance Faire.

Fishers Renaissance Faire
13578 East 131st St
Fishers, IN

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