3 Pints Gone

Celtic traditional-style folk songs and sea shanties

Bill Masino, Kathleen Masino & Jesse linder have been playing music and entertaining audiences as 3 Pints Gone since 2009.  They blend traditional Celtic folk music with their own style to bring a warm feeling to everyone in the crowd.  They play pubs, Celtic Faires and Renaissance Festivals all over the country as well as recording their own music on their own label.

One of the best things about Ren Faires is the fact that you get to see professional musicians doing what they love.  You get to hear beautiful music being sung by people that have chosen to sing and play and entertain for a living.  Here is a listing of the albums they have recorded that are still in print:

  • Home Brew – 2009
  • Auld Lang Syne – 2007
  • There is a Ship – 2006
  • One More Round – 2005
  • Health to the Company – 2004
  • The Beaches of St Valery – 2001
As you can see from their schedule, 3 Pints Gone is very busy and they travel all the time.  Make sure you get to see them at some point this year during the Ren Faire season.  They are a little bawdy, a lot funny and very talented.  It is hard to find Celtic folk music done as well as 3 Pints Gone.  Sit down, rest your feet and learn a few new songs to use the next time you are out, too late in the bar.