A Good Sash

Never Underestimate the Power of a Good Accessory

I have decided on a set of articles about basic accessories.  I guess it kinda started with the article on Ear Cuffs – dreaded  ear cuffs.  As you know, if you are a constant reader, I am a bit of a fanatic of about accessories.  Remember people if you don’t have the proper accessories then you are just a nerd in a costume.

The sash is one of the most useful and cross-platform of all accessories.  Working equally as well on the pirate, the cavalier or wench, the sash works in almost all occasions.  Whether you are looking for a bit of flare, a color pop or just a way to hold up your pants or skirt, the sash is an amazing article of clothing.

On the pirate, the sash cannot be too flashy or too garish. It also needs to be long.  I don’t mean six feet long I mean the 4th Doctor long (that is for all you Whovians out there).  The one that I wear with my costume is 14 feet.  It wraps twice and hangs down to the tops of my boots.  Granted I have to be conscious while I move around and if I have been sitting then I have to be careful I am not standing on my sash.  Plus, the sash also works as a vehicle for other pirate bling.  Need a nice place to tuck your flintlock?  Need a spot for your dagger?  The sash is a useful piece of clothing.

Maybe you go as a wench.  The sash becomes that bit of color pop that you might need to make your costume really stand out.  Still needs to be long so that it doesn’t look like you bought it too small but it needs to match the outfit.  Like the right jewelry or the right shoes, the sash becomes that piece of clothing that can change the ordinary in to the extraordinary.  Remember that sashes can be made out of anything.  They can be brocade, upholstery fabric (that is what mine is made out of) or they can be silk.  Doesn’t matter as long as you achieve the look you are going for.  And again, you have a place to store those items that you need for the day.  Wallet, keys, lipstick, cell phone – the sash is the carry-all.

Or maybe you are a cavalier, rocking the tunic.  Want something fancier to keep your tunic together or to make it bunch up just right?  The sash can be worn in conjunction with a ring belt or it can just be worn in the place of a belt.  Again, just like a wench you need to make sure that it doesn’t clash with the garb but a sash in the right color can really make the outfit look great.  Going for that dashing Templar look?  White tunic with an equilateral red cross, dark pants, poet shirt, red sash – you are a Templar my friend.  Looking for the musketeer look, make sure the sash matches the outfit and you are ready to go.

Consider the sash.  Useful, good looking and it works with almost every costume.  Pick one up, have one made or if you are a pirate – steal it.