Alice the Cook

Cooking it Old School

Alice the Cook is one of those entertainers/merchants that does a great job of educating you without even letting you know you have learned something – gotta love that.  Alice the Cook is a performer at Renaissance Festivals across the nation.  She educates about the cooking styles and methods used during the 1400s around Europe, especially the Bristish Isles.  Along with the time spent on the Ren Faire circuit, she is also a proficient blogger and writer, with a fantastic website.

alice the cookNow, obviously the cooking styles were different 600 years ago.  Alice the Cook has spent years devoting her unique style of teaching and educating to allow people all over the country to see how it was down in the good olde days.  From start to finish she has the ability to entertain you just like a Food Network star while you are learning the difference in the cooking methods from days gone by.  Whether she is teaching something basic like making bread to more complex dishes, her shows are always crowd pleasers and you walk away wondering what else may have been different in the 1400s in the kitchen.

If you are really interested this cook/writer has turned out several cookbooks (available through facebook) and she turns out one of the most well written blogs on the internet.  With articles coming out several times a month, she provides recipes, articles about food related subjects and just plain fun.  Her books are two parts cookbook and one part history and 100% fun.  If you want to really get into character, try cooking a Haggis from a traditional recipe.  See what you have in your larder that you can use to make a true Renaissance meal.  Try to recreate some of that faire food you love so much.  And I bet, if you get stuck you can hit up the cyber-scullery of Alice the Cook for a little bit of help.

Thanks Alice, you are the best!