Amsbury Ceramics

Quality Handmade Ceramics Since 1969

In business since 1969, Amsbury Ceramics has been producing works of ceramic art that range from tile work to sconces to beads and much more.  They have a style and a flare that is all their own.  Here are just some of their offerings:

All the sconces are hand-carved.  They are original pieces of art that are created by Michelle Amsbury.  She carves the clay before it is fired. After firing the sconces are hand painted. This means you have a beautiful piece of home decor that will be individual, like no one else’s due to the fact that it is created by hand.  The sconces come pre-wired with a wall plug and an on off switch but they are easy to hard-wire as well.

One of my favorite things that Amsbury Ceramics produce are the tiles.  Their tilework is out of this world.  Great as wall art or worked into a tile pattern in a room in your house, these pieces of tile are all handmade and if you have an idea, contact them and they might be able to do some custom work for you.  The detail that they achieve in every inch of the tiles will leave you speechless and waiting to see the next piece they have on display.

Tealamps or candlelamps are small lamps that have a place for a tea light to sit above the base and a lamp shade with cut outs to let the light trough.  These are created by Ray Amsbury and they are just amazing.  There are patterns for every decor and every occasion.  You can even have Michelle Amsbury produce a one of  a kind work of art just for you.

This may be what Amsbury is best known for.  If you go to one of their shows you are going to see beads of every shape and size. If you are a crafter or if you are interested in adding some flare to your costume, there might not be an easier way then by adding some bead work here and there.   They have been making beads since the late 60s and their patterns and molds are as timeless as the techniques they use.

Now, when you find them at your local Ren Faire you are going to notice that they have the style of a pirate shop and they will have more then just their ceramic pieces.  These folks are part of the Brethren of the Coast and are pirate all the way.  If you need a new sword or other piece of pirate paraphernalia then you might just find among the beads and ceramics at Amsbury Ceramics.