Arms & Armor

“The Best Replicas I’ve Ever Seen!”

One of my favorite types of shops to browse through at a Renaissance Festival is a weapon shop.  Arms & Armor is a weapon shop, but they are so much more. When you step inside their shop you are in the presence of true craftsmen.  You are not looking at items that came over on the slow boat from ‘elsewhere.’  You are not buying items that were mass produced.  Arms & Armor provides “individually hand-crafted reproductions of the highest quality.”

The crafters at Arms & Armor are history junkies from way back.  They study the history, get inspired by movies and take their cues from their fans.  A piece that you see made by Arms & Armor is a replica of something historical.  They see a piece that they find in a museum or a historical book on armaments and they attempt to make that item as close to accurate as they can get.  And these ‘smiths achieve that goal with fabulous items that people can treasure for generations.

Let’s look at a few of their items:

  • The English Longsword – This sword is based on the historic example in the Zurich Landesmuseum.  A beautiful blade with an accurate hilt and pommel.  WOW!  If you are looking for potentially the best example of a longsword that I have ever seen… here you go.
  • Highlands Claymore – Forward swept crossguard, two-hand hilt and fully 56” long from pommel to point.  If you need to finish off that Scottish highlander look you have been going for, not only is this your sword but if you happen to meet Edward the Longshanks, then you can cleave him in two.
  • Medieval Knife – They used knives found in landfills around the Thames river to design this item.  This piece became the common ‘carry’ for a lot of men in Medieval society.  Overall 10” long and can be honed to a keen edge.  Looking for something to cut your food with at a festival banquet, this is authentic and wonderful.
  • Polearms – I could not pick one of their polearms.  I am going to write about them overall.  I am almost speechless.  Poleaxes, axes and flails – Oh My!  The Italian Pole Hammer might be my favorite.

These are just a few of the items that I fell in love with as I was touring around their website.  I found them through their connection to the Bristol Renaissance Faire, so if this is a local faire for you and you have not been to their booth… WTF!

Make sure that Arms & Armor is a stop on your list and if they are not coming to a faire near you then be sure to visit them online.