Army of Darkness

Hail to the King, Baby

Shop smart, Shop S-Mart

Apparently, I am still stuck in Halloween mode, so we are looking at Army of Darkness this week for Film Friday. This is one of my favorites and because, for the most part, it is set in the 14th century… it fits the theme of the site.  So, go find your copy (you have one) or bump it to the top of your Netflix list and set down with some fun with Army of Darkness.

Klaatu Barada Nikto

Klaatu Barada N… Necktie… Neckturn… Nickel… It’s an “N” word, it’s definitely an “N” word! Klaatu… Barada… N..

Plot Synopsis (There Be Spoilers):
Ash is a clerk at S-Mart a local Big Box store.   He is sucked into the past, along with his classic 70s automobile and is enslaved.  He is thrown into a pit to be eaten by a creature but he fights his way to freedom and to a place of honor with the kingdom.  To get back home he has to seek out the Necronomicon.  Unwittingly he unleashes the Deadites that try to take over the castle that has been his home since he made the trip back in time (see the Evil Dead movies).  Ash then has to help the people defend their castle and defeat the Deadites while he is trying to get back home to his job at the S-Mart.

The Good

Bruce Campbell – Ash – What can you say about Bruce Campbell.  He has the best chin in Hollywood and it is a guarantee that if he is in a movie I am going to watch it.  Anybody else in this movie, and it would not have worked.  He carries this movie from the first scene through the final confrontation with evil at the S-Mart.  He has so many one liners in this movie that if you made it a drinking game, you might not make it through hour 1.  This is the pen-ultimate Bruce Campbell movie.  If you are not a fan.. shame on you.

Ash fighting with himself.  Ash fighting with the little Ashes.  Ash doing one heck of a Three Stooges gag.  Bruce Campbell is the best!

My name is Ash and I am a slave. Close as I can figure, the year is thirteen hundred A.D and I’m being dragged to my death. It wasn’t always like this, I had a real life, once. A job.

The Deadite Army – Love these zombies.  The are cheesy and wonderful and rubbery and…. well you get the point – B movie monster madness at its best.

The Evil Ash vs Good Ash Fight – The whole scene from the forgotten magic words through Ash’s escape might be the best part of this movie.  Ashe finding the Necronomicon and his face almost being sucked off, plus the Ash-Division are the best effects in the whole flick.

The Bad

The Deadite Army – Love these zombies.  The are cheesy and wonderful and rubbery and…. well you get the point – B movie monster madness at its best. Yup, you read that right I used the Deadites in both places.  I would love to see this movie remade with better effects on the zombie army so I stuck them in both spots.

The Ugly

Some of the Effects – More of the same here, some of the effects are fantastic but some of them are just not that good.  For instance, the Deadite Army.  Now, I reralize that Sam Raimi could have spent more and made all of the effects perfect but, if you think he just scrimped on some of it, I think you might be missing the point of the movie.  Sam, if you read this, I get it.

Needless to say, you can see that this is one of my favorite movies.  Amazingly well done and just as cheesey as it is supposed to be, Army of Darkness is perfect.  They are remaking Evil Dead but I hope that they don’t try to remake this one, I am not sure that they can do it justice.

Sure, I could have stayed in the past. I could have even been king. But in my own way, I *am* king.
Hail to the king, baby.