“The Hand Painted Fantasy Art of Ed Beard Jr”

edbeardjr1It is always wonderful to be able to see fine art being sold and enjoyed at a Ren Faire.  At several faire’s Ed Beard Jr displays and sells his wonderful fantasy artwork and his fans might even get to meet the man himself.

Ed Beard Jr produces amazing works of fantasy art.  He captures the pictures of fantasy creatures that live in his mind and has the talent to produce those on canvas.  Taking those works of art, Beard than has those works of art transferred to other items that you can purchase to take home and enjoy.  Browsing through Ed Beard Jr’s work lets you take in amazing dragons, dainty fairies and much more.

My personal favorites of his work are the dragon prints.  Each of the dragons have their own distinct personality.  Playful, funny, caring, daring and even frightening, Ed Beard Jr is able to supply those human personality traits to his paintings.  He is able to imbue the fantasy creatures that he creates with all-too-human smiles and humors, giving the purchaser something entirely new and wonderful to look at when they get it home.  Whether you choose to by a print or a tote bag, something from the Ed Beard Jr booth at a faire is always a welcome addition to any household.

Here is something else for you: Ed has instructional videos online. Here is one of those videos:

Art of Ed Beard Jr