Atlanta Cutlery Corp

Delivering Cutlery Excellence Since 1971

I love getting their catalog in the mail – it is a highlight each and every month.  That has spurred me to give these guys a shout out.  I love the prospect of digging through the pages, looking for those items that are Rennie and lusting after them.  I will never forget flipping through the pages and finding the Henry Morgan Blunderbuss!  Wow, it is shiny, I need it.

acc catalogAtlanta Cutlery Corp is one of the biggest mail order cutlery companies in the world.  They have been in business since 1971 and they have been providing a great catalog that brings cutlery items from around the world for that whole time.  For many years, the items they brought were based around hunting and fishing, cooking and pocket knives.  Nowadays, if it has an edge, there is a good chance that they have it in their catalog or on their website.

Personally, I love the way the website is designed.  Pick a Product Type or Pick an Era or Culture.  Choose your type of garb or simply type it in to the search line.  Trust me you will not be disappointed.  Just typed in “pirate” – 7 items returned – as of the time of this writing.  When you take in the scope of their catalog… that is huge.  Atlanta Cutlery Corp provides a very diverse assortment of both the edged and edged adjacent, a tremendous line of products and the ability to find it all in one place and for great prices.

Now, what if you want to handle the item before you buy it?  Guess what they have a showroom.  Based out of the Atlanta area (duh?) , you can stop by the showroom (check their website for times) and handle the merchandise.  Pick up the sword you have been drooling over in the catalog, talk to the staff and get an idea of the great people that run this store.  There is something about trying before you buy, about holding that item in your hand and feeling the weight.

Here is one last thing about Atlanta Cutlery Corp.  They have a sister company.  You all know their sister company even if you don’t realize it.  Museum Replicas is Atlanta Cutlery Corp.  We all know and love Museum Replicas.  It is hard to imagine that two companies can get it as right as these two do.

Make sure you go subscribe to their news letter.  Get on the mailing list for the Atlanta Cutlery Corp catalog.  Anticipate getting that catalog.  Curl up on the couch or in the bed.  Browse through it several times, because you will miss stuff the first time through.  Find those pieces that you need to accessorize the garb.  Find your dream sword.  Find that dagger that makes the costume.  Use Atlanta Cutlery to realize your dreams.