Axel the Sot

axelTheSot2010The Original Drunken Sailor

As a lad, Axel was abducted by pirates and for four years he was their slave aboard ship.  During that time his defense mechanism was to sing songs and make jokes.  He found that the more entertaining he was, the less the pirates flogged him.  After escaping from the pirates, he found that he needed a career and thank God, he found the Renaissance Festival circuit and a new home entertaining people that were less likely to flog him and would even tip him as he passed the hat.  It was good for poor Axel and it was great for those of us who love a good show at the faire.

Axel the Sot is the original drunken sailor.  Having learned the tales of the sea first hand, Axel has learned all the songs of the sea (and some that were NEVER sung at sea).  He brings all of those to the faire and and adds his own humor all the while singing traditional shanties and more.  Axel is a consummate storyteller and his singing is infectious.  You will find yourself singing the ABC Song for days and, if you take your kids to his show… you will hear that song for much longer.

Axel also knows that you are going to want to take some of him home with you.  To that end, he has been producing his own albums for years.

Music (click here to find his music and order some for yourself):

  • Keelhauler – 1993
  • Favorite Pub Songs – 1994
  • One More for the Road – 1996
  • The Inebriated Adventures of Kegman – 1999
  • Kegman 2 – 2001
  • Kegman the Musical – 2002
  • Tales from the Tavern – 2003
  • Back to the Sea – 2005
  • Songs to Sing When You’re Drunk – 2008
  • Bottled Up! – 2010
Make Axel the Sot part of your Ren Faire experience.  Track him down if he is at the next faire that you attend.  Get up close to the stage and get ready to have a great time.  Sing-a-long once you have learned the songs and go back to the Sot year after year.  You will learn some great drinking songs and laugh your butt off at the same time.