The Bard’s Musik Shoppe

from Sound Creations

Bard’s Musik Shoppe brings people traditional folk instruments that are easy to play and easy to learn to play well.  The instrument that you will fall in love with, and the one that everybody seems to remember is the bamboo flutes that they make.  These flutes are hand made, each is going to have a little different sound, each is going to have its own character.  These flutes are made in a very traditional way – the pieces of bamboo are hollowed out and the finger holes are burned in.  After you have seen this instrument, you will understand why there is always a crowd around their booth.

Along with the bamboo flutes, there are many more instruments for sale but the wonder of Bard’s Musik is not just in the instruments that the craft and sale.  They are also musicians.  They are also teachers of music.  If you buy your instrument from Bard’s Musik you are going to get instruction with your instrument and if you are having a hard time learning the instrument, they will be glad to help you the next time you come by their booth.  Stop in while you are at one of the faires and they will be glad to give you a quick lesson.


  • Bamboo Flute – 6 hole side-blown flute made in three sizes depending on the tone and pitch you desire.  Each flute will play a chromatic scale through two octaves.
  • Shakuhachi – This is a traditional zen meditation flute.  An end blown flute with four holes, a wide diversity of tones can be reached depending on the techniques used.
  • Travelers Saxophone – The fingering style is much like a recorder and the durable construction of the instrument makes it a perfect item to take camping.
  • Gourd Kalimba – Also called a thumb piano, these are constructed using a gourd and hardwood for the sound board.  Played with the thumbs this traditional folk instrument is easily played and small enough to take with you as well.
  • Plucked Psaltry – This is a small harp-like instrument that can be played with one or two hands.  This two octave instrument is very easy to pick up and play. Most novices find themselves playing well after only a few hours of practice.
  • Fairy Pipes – Two Irish tin whistles that have been attached to each other so that they are played at the same time.  One of the pipes is played for the melody with the second one being played like a drone.

  • Laminated Hardwood Pipes – This is a hardwood flute that is durable, easy to play and priced to sell.