Get your Irish On

When you listen to BarleyJuice you can hear pop, country and other influeneces they have had in their careers straining to get out.  With their traditional Celtic music and their own instant classics, BarleyJuice has developed their own sound and they are brining their heartfelt music and energy to faires, festivals and venues all over the country.

The Band:

  • Kyf Brewer – vocals, accordion, bagpipes, congas, bodhran, tinwhistle
  • Keith Swanson – vocals, guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, bagpipes, tinwhistle, bass
  • Shelley Weiss – fiddle, viola, vocals, guitar
  • Eric Worthington – bass guitar
  • Gregor Schroeder – drums, vocals
Check out the sheer number of instruments that they can bring to the stage.  They can also swap from doing traditional Celtic tunes to  a show that would be at home on any stage across the country.  They have something for everyone but the theme is the same at every show – having a good time and playing good music.  All the time sticking to their Celtic heritage with tunes like:  Weekend Irish (Watch the video below).

If you are a Juicers (a BarleyJuice fan) then you are probably familiar with their body of work but once you hear them and see them live you are going to want to take some of their music home with you.  When you see the titles of their albums you will notice that their humor and their punniness extends to more then just their lyrics.  Here is a brief discography:

  • Skullduggery Street
  • The BarleyJuice Irish Collection
  • Bonny Prince Barley
  • Six Yanks
  • One Shilling
  • Another Round

Now, I am sure you are wondering where you can catch BarleyJuice live.  Juicers seem to have it tattooed on their brain but for those of you that are uninitiated, look at their website to see their tour schedule.  You will notice that they play a lot of Celtic Festivals and Highland Games.  See if you have one in your local area and then check their schedule.  If you know of one and BarleyJuice isn’t playing it?  WHY NOT!  Get hold of them and get that favorite faire or event on their schedule.  Turn all your friends into Juicers.  See them live one time, put it on your bucket list and plant yourself firmly in the front row.  Your taste in music will change immediately.