Bedlam Bards

RenFolk Music

Yes, you read that right, RenFolk. I think this may be my new favorite word to describe the music that is played at the faire.  Here is how the Bedlam Bards describe RenFolk:

Celtic, English, Scandinavian, and American folk music mixed in with period tunes from the Renaissance and Middle Ages that rubs shoulders with the occasional incognito rock song at most Renaissance festivals.

The Bedlam Bards are two… or three… musicians (depending on the day and the song).  They play a variety of musical instruments – guitar to mandolin, bones to kazoo, but all of their music has one thing in common, it is fun.

I think they describe their music better then I can so please read below:

We don’t claim to have pretty voices, but we’re really not about sounding pretty. We’re about the loud, sweaty, heart-pounding, foot-stomping, beer-swilling, hand-clapping, tankard-clanking, dancing-in-the-aisles-and-laughing-your-ass-off kind of music. The kind of music your mother warned you about–that’s us.

The Bedlam Bards formed, or at least started to form, in 1995.  Hawke and Cedric were playing separately and through fate they found themselves playing together and being at the same faires.  Over the next few years they started to play more and more together and eventually the Bedlam Bard’s were formed.  For the full stories about the bards and the foudation of their group go to their website.

The Bedlam Bards

After serving in the US Navy, Hawke was a technical Illustrator and a computer programmer.  Hawke was then magically transported to teh Ren Faire with his guitar and he has been entertaining people and crowds at on the circuit since that point.
guitar – pennywhistle – bodhran – bones – vocals

From flipping burgers to teaching college English, Cedric’s background is just as diverse as Hawke’s.  A musician by trade, Cedric is the fiddler of the group and has playe din orchestras and country western band sin the past.
fiddle – mandolas – strumstick – mandolin – guitarron – vocals

By far the prettiest voice and the prettiest face in the group, Lilly is a sometime partner of the Bards that brings a whole different range of vocals to their wonderful music.  She is also a burgeoning songwriter.
guitar – pennywhistle – bodhran