Black Swan Armoury

The Finest Wooden Swords and Shields in the World

When I was a child, one of my favorite toys was a wooden sword that my folks got for me at a craft show.  I carried that sword around forever in my boyhood. Playing Knights in Armor, Playing Robin Hood, playing Barbarian… it didn’t matter what we were playing we all had swords and in my dreams mine was Excalibur.  When I attended my first Ren Faire I got to see really well done wooden swords. But not only did they have wooden swords but they had shields and axes and bows and arrows.  I wished that I was a kid again.  Of course, one of those first faires was the Georgia Renaissance Festival where I became familiar with Black Swan Armoury.

The Legend of the Black Swan

“Our armoury was founded 431 years ago by the Elven wood wrights of Michanoni. The Michanoni Clan had sworn to arm the forces of good against the hordes of Elektra. Jereb Dominnus, head of Elven Clan Michanoni himself crafted the great wooden sword which permitted Lord Leister Douglas of the Black Swan to thwart Elektra’s hideous witch lightning and bring her to her doom. Although defeated, the swarms of the Goldabdi, (strange insectile creatures), kin to Elektra, swore to arise and defeat the forces of good. What happened between Jereb and Lord Douglas, when Jereb gave Leister Douglas, the Black Swan Knight the fabled wooden long sword “Topher”, remains a mystery. But from that time onward Lord Douglas has been sworn to defend the land of Michanoni and good folk everywhere.”

Here are some of the things you can expect to see at the Black Swan Armoury:

Of course, they attend some of the biggest faires that you will find around the country:

Take you kids to Black Swan.  Let them browse.  See their eyes light up as they are able to role play in their mind. All of a sudden you will find that the couch potato vidiot that you thought would spend the rest of his life in the house is looking at swords and imagining himself charging through the woods as he chases after a Hobbit or pursues the Sheriff of Nottingham alongside Robin Hood.  Your kid will imagine that they are standing on the deck of a pirate ship with cutlass in hand or maybe they are standing guard in front of the Castle, battle axe in hand.  Either way, you might find that Black Swan Armoury becomes your child’s go to place to let their imagination run wild.