Blackened Ruby Jewelry

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blackenedrubyBlackened Ruby Jewelry takes the history and beauty of the cameo to a whole new punk rock level.  The cameo has been a part of jewelry since around the 3rd century BC.  This style of jewelry has found a renewed curiosity over the years, most notably during the Renaissance period.  Is it any wonder then that Blackened Ruby has found a home with the folks that frequent the Renaissance Festival circuits around the country.

Blackened Ruby carries the mainstays that you see in classic cameos but they also throw in the different and the macabre.  In some sense Blackened Ruby has helped reinvent the cameo.  If you are a pirate fan, as I am, they have the skulls and crossbones that you need to make your pirate outfit pop.  If you are wanting to pirate up that French cuff shirt, they have cufflinks that are understated but still let you take your pirate with you.  And whats more, if you have a special request, send it in and they might be able to help you.

A brief bit of personal testimony, from your pirate captain, Bobaganush:

blackened ruby 2

I got married in 2010. Both of my nephews, good pirates that they are, were in the ceremony. At the time they were 11 and 7. I wanted to do something special for them. I was sporting skull and crossbone cufflinks that my finance at the time, now the Good-Pirate-Wife, had bought me. I wanted to find something like that for the nephews, but I wanted them to be different. I found Blackened Ruby, contacted them and told them what I needed and I had two sets of identical cufflinks in the mail from them in less then a week. The nephews were thrilled and they each have their first pair of cufflinks – pirate themed no less.

As you browse their Etsy store you are going to see an ever changing set of jewelry from brooches to necklaces to cameos and much more. So, if you are looking for that brooch, that pin, those cufflinks, that ring to set you apart in the everyday or at the next faire… Blackened Ruby Jewelry – ’nuff said.

Blackened Ruby Jewelry
Detroit, MI