Boaring Stag Workshop

When you step into Boaring Stag Workshop booth at your local Ren Faire, you get to see something more then just one type of craft or art.  Boaring Stag brings you jewelry, woodowork, hair feathers and handmade stationary all under one tent.

Of course, one of the biggest draws for their shop is the jewelry.  They make chain mail jewelry that fits every costume and you can commission custom pieces that allow you to make sure that you have the right colors to match whatever you are wearing.  Their skill with chain maile is hard to match and when you add to that the fact that they are very creative with their designs and their ability to coordinate colors into their designs.. this all really makes the jewelry from Boaring Stag stand out.

Then of course you have their wood work.  The hand crafted, wooden sculptures from Boaring Stag are ornate and wonderful.  They have a very stylized look that crosses from subject to subject, genre to genre.  Whether you are looking at a hound, a cat or their boar, you will always know that you are looking at a piece from Boaring Stag when you see the swoops and swirls that are built into the shoulders of the subject matter. They bring these sculptureds to life breathing in movement and fluidity with each turn of a carving knife.

The hair feathers are a new item that Boaring Stag has picked up.  From the subtle to the intense, you will be able to pick your style and add them into your look easily as you tie them into your costume while they are affixed in your hair.   Feathers being worked into hair is huge on the pop-scene, make them part of the Rennie scene as well.

I love handmade, hand-dyed stationary.  It is as beautiful as it is usable and it makes a great gift.  The stationary from Boaring Stag is tied into the themes of their wooden sculptures and you might be able to find those pieces that match each other to make your office area pop with stationary and statuary that mimics each other.

As I have always said, being able to shop booths that are run by true artisans and crafters, is part of the draw of the Ren Faire.  Boaring Stag Workshop brings years of experience and a huge amount of skill to their designs and their work.  As you browse around their shop you will get to experience the themes and styles that make these crafters tick.  Make sure they are on your shopping list and pick up some accessories to make your garb pop.