Several years ago I saw something new at the Ren Faire: a bodice chiller.

bodice chillerNow, apparently, women’s costumes, especially those involving corsets get very… very… very hot.  The bodice chiller is designed to fight this problem.  If you look at the picture to the left (this is from a shop on Etsy), you will see a hand-blown glass bodice chiller.  The idea is very simple.  You fill the vial with a cool liquid and then insert the bodice chiller between the bosoms (I have a included a picture of a bodice chiller in action below).

So, with a bodice chiller firmly in place, the cool liquid sends its chilling effect through the entire body.  The blood vessels in the… effected area are cooled and they pass this chilled blood on to the rest of the overheated wench or princess or pirate queen or anyone corseted and you have a much happier wench or princess.  The bodice chiller can be glass of metal or earthenware.  They are normally corked but can be open vials as well.

bodice chillerNow here is the real question.  What do you do with the bodice chiller when the weather outside is frightful, in other words, when it is cold and heat exhaustion is the furthest thing from your mind?  If the bodice chiller is safe for drinking, then fill it with your favorite beverage and your have the feminine version of the hip flask, lassies.

Laddies, if your wench has a dress with the correct neck line then yo may have found a way to smuggle the Irish for your Irish coffee into a dry faire. Or at the very least you might have found an interesting place to keep your change.

Either way, the bodice chiller can be your best friend on a hot day, or it can be a good companion when it is cold outside as well.