Variety Comedian

You can add this guy to people that I am jealous of.  Yes, Rennie, somopne else that is an expert juggler.  And to top it off Broon is part stand-up comedian, part storyteller, part magician, part fire-eater and all entertainer.

Broon, by day mild-mannered Brian Howard, is a fixture on the Renaissance Festival circuit.  His show blends verbal comedy and physical comedy into a routine that will leave you wanting more.  Whether he is eating fire or juggling anything on the stage that is not nailed down, Broon keeps the banter going the whole time he is working the crowd with his laid back comedy stylings.

Watch the video below and you will him perform one of my favorite parts of his act.  Juggling a bowling ball, a torch and an apple – while eating the apple.  Now, if you are not a juggler (and I am not a juggler – though I have tried – lord knows I have tried) you may not get how hard this is.  Firstly, the items are different shapes, they are different shapes, one is getting smaller with every bite he takes and… ONE IS ON FIRE!  And what is the rule, Rennies, everything is better on fire!


The above clip is just a taste of what Broon can do.  Brian Howard is a truly funny guy that makes his audience fall in love with him.  Both young and old are drawn to his laid back style and the ease with which he performs the various side-show acts that he does throughout his performance.  Most entertainers pick a style of comedy but Broon has mastered them all and throws the best bits at audiences all over the country.

If you are in the area of the country and you notice the Broon is playing one of the faires or festivals near you, drop what you are doing.  Go buy a ticket and get ready to dig for your wallet when he passes the hat.  You are going to be amazed and if everything goes right… your child is going to ask for a bowling ball, a torch and an apple when you get home.