Buckle and Swash

Pirate comedy, sword fighting and other… stuff!

One of my favorite shows at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival is Buckle and Swash.  Captain Red Swash Rogers and Mr Jiff Buckle take the stage for comedy, high-jinx, sword fighting and much more.  There will be some singing and some laughing and you will find yourself reaching for your wallet by the end of the show when the hat gets passed.

This show is proof that live theater, especially the kind you find at Ren Faires is about the best fun you can have.  These two guys keep the funny going from the moment they take the stage to the end of the show (which always seems to come a little too soon).  Captain Rogers plays a very funny straight man to Mr Jiff’s bungling foil.  The premise is that they are trying to crew their ship the Flagrant Hooligan in search of treasure – such is the story line for Buckle and Swash shows.

Verbally, Buckle and Swash work a line like nobody’s business.  Their timing is impeccable.  Their sense of humor runs from the crude to the sublime.  Fast-paced and ready to throw a one-liner under the bus at any moment, the sparing between Buckle and Swash is surpassed only by the sparring they do with their swords.  The threat of a looming sword fight hangs in the air for  most of their show.  Buckle seems to keep himself out of the fight for a while but soon it seems that most of their arguments will end in a sword fight.  And fight they do!

Some of my favorite lines:

  • Mr Jiff:  I am Mr Jiff Buckle – 1st mate – 2nd mate – quartermaster and scullery wench
  • Captain Rogers:  Hold still, I want to poke you.
  • Mr Jiff:  Here is Mr Fluffy (a parrot) the one you said was lost in that orphanage fire… have at thee!
  • Captain Rogers:  Mr Jiff, I have to kill you.  See, it says so right here (pointing to the script).

Buckle & Swash is one of those shows that your whole group can go watch.  Like any good Ren Faire show, they are funny for the whole family.  The more racy parts of their humor will go over the kids heads and the kids will love the piratey, Looney-Tunes-esque feel of their show.  Make them a stop the next time you find yourself in need of a good pirate show and they take to the stage.