For Love or Money

I love documentaries and when they cross over into they cross over into the realm of the Rennie, and my love for all things Rennie… So, I am browsing through Netflix the other day and I found one such movie – Buskers; For Love or Money.  Great documentary on street performers of every shape and size.  Buskers (my new favorite word) that eat fire, juggle, tell jokes, and basically work a crowd for money and for the love the art forms they have loved over the years




Literally every type of street performance that you have ever seen is covered in the fact that you get to know the characters that perform.  From busking legends like the Amazing Jonathan and Robert Shields to one that will be familiar to those that attend the Ren Faire circuit: Dextre Tripp.  The purpose of the documentary is not only to spread the word about street performers but to ask these creative geniuses – WHY?  The response might just surprise and is only part of the reason that you need to watch this great documentary.  Here is a brief video about the Busker Movie.

The Good

Fire Eating – As you all know, everything is better with fire.  And this doc has plenty of fire eating and fire play.  From juggling to breaking planks that are on fire – fire reigns!

Juggling – And this movie has given me a whole new set of people that I hate because they can juggle and I cannot.

Dextre Tripp – Love it when I see a Rennie on the big screen – or in this case see one popup, unexpectedly on my tv.  Dextre is working the crowd at a street faire in this and he is just as wonderful as he is on the stages at Ren Faires around the country.

Robert Shields – I saw him perform on TV as a kid and it was really neat to see the videos of him performing as a young man that I remember from my youth.  Great act that really gets the crowd involved.  I am surprised you don’t see more people trying to replicate what he does.  Of course, they discuss stealing ‘bits’ from each other in this doc as well.  His Website

The Amazing Jonathan – Great comedy magician.  He is a performer that will make me stop channel surfing or decide immediately what I am streaming for the night.  If you get a chance to see him live, go for it.  His Website

The Stories – Here is the reason to watch the documentary, so I saved it for last.  The stories that these guys tell are as wonderful as the acts they have perfected over the years.  Learn what they like in an audience.  Learn what they hate in an audience.  Hear stories of performances gone awry.  Watch has they suck in a crowd that is spellbound by the years of experience on ‘stage’ in front of them.

The Bad

Not Long Enough – It could have last another hour or two and I would have been fine.

The Ugly

Did I mention that it wasn’t long enough – Seriously, they could have shown an entire performance by each of the acts and I would have been happy.  Seriously good doc!

Take the time and watch Buskers; For Love or Money.  It is currently streaming on Netflix and it is available for sale on the movie’s official website.  Check it out.