Celtic Knot

Interlaced, Woven, Step Pattern, Etc

celticknot1The Celtic knot is another design from the Celtic lands that has invaded lots of different aspects of modern life.  The Celtic knot turns up almost everywhere and though knotwork was developed in other parts of the world at roughly the same time, it is the Celtic version that is the most recognizable and that invaded Christianity as well.

In the pre-Christian days of of the Celtic lands of the Birtish Isles, the people learned knotwork from the Romans that came into their land.  The Romans like most of the people from Northern Italy had been using knotwork to decorate items (artwork, manuscripts and the like) for generations. The Celtic people took to this knotwork and made it their own.  They formed the knotwork into trinity triangles, worked it into their existing motifs and really took knotwork to another level.  As the Roman’s made the transition to Christianity, the Celtic people took to the new icons with their version of knotwork.

celticknto2The Celtic Knot found its way into every Christian motif that there was available.  From crosses to manuscripts and everything in between, from the 8th century on, Celtic knotwork found its way into almost all kinds of artwork and into almost every aspect of life.  The fact that the Celtic people were so adept at the work and really took to the art form, meant that they could adorn almost anything with the knots.

Today, the Celtic knot in all of its various forms can be found at the Ren Faire.  From puzzle rings that form woven metal artwork, to embossed leather Celtic knots on bracers and journals, you can get the feel of the old homeland without breaking the bank and you can have that authentic look to your Ren faire personage.  Go for that Celtic feel by adorning yourslef with all things Celtic, covered in Celtic knotwork.

Or… even better, learn how to reproduce the Celtic knot yourself.  You can weave them in cord, you can emboss them, heck you can even just break out a paintbrush and learn how to get that woven technique on paper.