I realize that this is a little off topic, but allow me to see if I can make the connection.

I am very fond of the online retailer: ThinkGeek.com

Chain Mail Gaming Dice BagIf you have never been to their site or browsed their catalog let me shed some let on a vendor of all things geek.

They have it all.  Clothing, toys, gadgets, gizmos, games and everything in between.  If you watch Big bang Theory and laugh your butt off, this is your new home for shopping on the internet.  For instance, here is something I am thinking about getting.

A Chain Maile Gaming Dice bag.  I know a lot of you played D&D and other role playing games as kids.  You still have your dice, you know you do.  You used to have a little drawstring bag to put your dice in.  Now you are older and though you don’t play table-top RPGs anymore, you still have your dice and you are hard pressed to get rid of them.  Here is finally something that you can put your gaming dice in that is befitting their spot in your life.  Protect your dice, show them off as only a bag made of chain maile can do.  And only the gang at ThinkGeek can provide that type of storage for your dice.