Christophe the Insultor

Verbal Mercenary and Comedian

Have you ever needed a professional insultor?  I know I have.  If you are a Rennie or if you follow the Ren Faire circuit, you may have seen one of the best professional insultors working today:  Christophe the Insultor!  This entertainer has two completely separate lives.  At Renaissance Festivals he is an insultor for hire, in his spare time he is a comedian and writer.  I will try to cover both.

The Insultor
Christophe the insultorWorking the streets of the faire and at least one stage, Christophe the Insultor roams and insults, insults and roams.  You can ‘hire’ him to track people down and insult them or if you are at his show, he will insult your friends in front of a crowd.  He is a mouth-for-hire.  He is there to find those people that you really need insulted and stick it to them.  No one but a professional comedian could pull this off.  Being able to walk up and insult someone at a Ren Faire without getting punched in the face is a talent.  This talent, this act, this show requires someone that is fast on their feet and, in true comedic style, is able to insult and move on to the next person, keeping it light-hearted and fun, keeping the people laughing and even the insultee is leaving the show happy and will remember that they got to be a part of the act.

The Comedian and Writer
Outside of the Renaissance Fetsival circuit, Christophe the Insultor walks the Earth as Christopher Buehlman.  Buelhman is a comedian, a writer, a poet and has one of the best websites and social media presences that you will ever find.  As a comedian, Buelhman covers the mics of Florida and other states while he is on the road.  He has two spectacular comedy albums (Cockblock & Smart People, Help the Dumb People) both of which are available on his website.  He is also a writer and you can find his written works online as well.  And if you are just not getting enough Buelhman… LIKE him on facebook.  he is funny as hell and I guarantee that some of his posts will bring a smile to your face.

Professional Insultor!  Who would have thought that was a career option.  My councilor in High School didn’t go over that one with me.