Clockwork Couture

Bringing quality neo-victoriana back into your life!

Don’t you love it when you find that shop, that one shop that might be able to supply everything that you need to get your Steampunk on!  I found that shop in Clockwork Couture.  They carry everything to bring your love of fantasy and all things steampunk to life.  From corsets to top hats, from airship pirates to accessories, their website is an adventure.  Their goods are great!

For the Ladies:
Clcokwork Couture can supply the complete outfit for you or help you pair those pieces to create the character that you want to portray while you are rocking in the steampunk madness of it all.   Corsets, blouses, waistcoats, lingerie, dresses and of course complete costumes.  I love their complete outfits:  airship ground crew, explorers, and of course just your everyday picnic wear.  There is some amazing attention to detail with this company.  They are tying their pieces into a certain look an feel, but they are also making sure that each costume stands up to scrutiny.  They are made for wear at all your steampunk and Victorian events.  They are not going to start wearing out after you have worn them out a couple of time.

For the Gentlemen:
Again, the same setup as the Ladies section, pieces of ensembles, you get to choose how to browse.  I of course went to the waistcoats section first and I am now in love with the Chivalrous Intentions Waistcoat – check it out to the right.  WOW!  I think this could work on a pirate.

Of course, you all now me and you know that I jumped tio the accessories almost from the moment that the page was listed.  If you are wanting to accessorize a steampunk costume, this is the ONLY place that you need to go.  Jewelry, eyewear, hats (top hats), belts, bags, parasols and much more await you in this area of their website.  You are seeing some of the best that the world of steampunk and the Victorian faire has to offer.

Clockwork Couture is a made up of a people that work outside of the box.  They have found a time period in history and through some imaginative time travel, they are able to produce designs and fashions that take you back to a Neo-Victorian age that is wonderful and though provoking.  If you are looking at steampunk as a theme for this years Halloween costume, or if you are into that time period, these folks can not only outfit you but help you find the perfect combinations to make your character pop.  Drop by their website or, if you are int he Burbank area, drop by their shop and try on some of the fashions, try on the accessories and get ready for the nest Steampunk Festival that you attend.

Let Clockwork Couture help you take a stride into the past