Crystal Dragon Eggs

The Geode Guys

Here is probably the first merchant that I saw at a Ren Faire that really captured my imagination.  You may have seen them set up under the name The Geode Guys but if you have seen them at one of the Ren Faires across the country you know them as the Dragon Egg Guys! – or – Crystal Dragon Eggs.

Here is how I was introduced to them.  I was walking through the Georgia Renaissance Festival and I heard a loud crack coming from in front of me.  If you are a an attendee of the GRF then you know that I was probably visiting the Mead Wench at the time.  I got my mead and made may way, at a quicker pace, down the midway toward the sound.  I resisted the temptation to get distracted by other merchants and pressed on to the mysterious sound.

What I discovered was a mass of children, flanked by their parents or guardians, watching a man crack open Crystal Dragon Eggs.  I was sold.  He would let the child pick out an egg, he would place it in the Dragon Egg splitter – called a geotine – and then cut the egg in half, revealing the beautiful crystals beneath.

Now, just in case you were wondering, these are not really dragon eggs.  The Geode Guys take geodes and split them open for kids all over the country, from Georgia to California.  They also sale the finer, larger geodes in their booth and on their website.  The Geode Guys have been in business for 20+ years and they are still going strong.

One of the founders, Leo Atkinson, got his hands on the original Geotine (which was made out of wood).  As the story goes, Leo sat outside his newly procured studio, which was a former rock shop, and was testing his machine on some left over geodes.  I group of middle school students heard the pop of the geode cracking in the geode in the geotine.  The kids were delighted by the revelation of the crystal inside and started buying the geodes as fast as he could crack them. (click here to read the whole story)

Now, the Geode Guys are selling their Crystal Dragon Eggs all over the country.  Here are some of the shows that you might see them at.

The Geode Guys are by far one of the most exciting merchants you will find at a Ren Faire.  Step up to their shop and let your child pick out a geode.  Watch the wonder on your kid’s face as the geode is split open and the natural beauty is revealed on the inside.  It is a memory that your child will never forget and it makes and awesome souvenir to take home from you day at the faire.