Dante’s Gypsy Circus

When asked:  Do you prefer belly dancing or fire eating, I say put those hands together and bring on Dante’s Gypsy Circus.  Part bellydancing, part fire eating, all showmanship and lots of fun, Dante’s Gypsy Circus is one of those acts that you never forget after you see them the first time and that first taste brings you back for show after show.

dgcDante’s Gypsy Circus brings a set of professional entertainers together that share a love of the dramatic with an amazing sense of style and a little pyromania thrown in for good measure.  Combining their talents in the world of dance, choreography, bellydancing and firedancing, the people of Dante’s Gypsy Circus put together performances that weave a story of a centuries old dance style into a tapestry of sultry illusion.  They bring in elements of fire-breathing and fire-eating to really drive the intensity of the show over the top.  Their combination of tribal-bellydancing and fire-dancing leaves their audiences always wanting more and planning where they might see Dante’s Gypsy Circus next.

Dante’s Gypsy Circus performs all over the country each year taking their talents to everything from gallery openings to faires throughout the year.  They are available for any type of gig that you can think of:  corporate events, social gatherings, galleries or festivals of any shape form or fashion.  They can even theme their show to fit your event (check out their site, go to the video section and look at their zombie show if you want to see how far out of the box they can think).

Dante’s Gypsy Circus is one of those unique acts that can do it all.  From Fire Dancing to Tribal Bellydancing to Fire Breathing; you can expect the unexpected and prepare to be captivated by a crew that moves seamlessly from one segment of their show to the next with fluidity and grace that is unparalleled.