Dark Follies

“Entertaining you from the Shadows of Vaudeville.”

What do you get when vaudeville and music-hall theater meet?  Dark Follies.  Dark Follies is a collection of performers that do vaudeville style acts.  This show has been a part of the Steampunk and festival culture since 2008 and they are one of the most entertaining sideshows that you will ever see.

dark-follies-vaudeville-maineVaudeville, and the music-hall venues that it inhabited, was the rage during the Victorian Era of our history.  It is no coincidence that this type of entertainment is now all the rage with those that love the Steampunk genre.  That being said:  this is not your grandparents vaudeville show. This is a celebration of street theater and live entertainment.  The cast are consummate professionals, bringing years of experience to the stage and any other venue that they take over during their shows. Dark Follies award winning shows take this historical production style and flip it on its head.

Here is a glimpse of what you might see:  dancing, juggling, side show acts, fire performers and more all backed by the tunes of the Dark Follies Rhythm Orchestra.  Again, you are looking at a vaudeville show so the band is crucial.  You can bet that there will be melodrama, you can bet that there will fire-breathing, you can bet there will be gorgeous women in costumes and you can bet that you and your family will have fun.

Yes, you AND your family.  Again, with the idea of vaudeville you are going to be able to bring your family to the show and not fear that the kids will learn language that they should not imitate.  Now, that being said you will want to have a discussion with them that juggling fire is dangerous and they will want to practice with something non-flammable first.  Bring the kids, bring your grandparents and prepare to visit a different time, a different place with the crew from Dark Follies.


Tell me you watched the video.  Do you get it.  This is street performance and vaudeville merged and brought to new heights.

And for all of my little Rennies out there that live in fear of the word Steampunk… you liked it didn’t you.  You felt at home.  This is tribal-fire-dancing, people, we watch these kinds of shows all the time.

Make sure, if you see Dark Follies on the list of performers at the next fair you attend, that you plant yourself and enjoy the show, you will not be disappointed.