Deep Fried Sweets

Deep Fried Snickers, Twinkies and other assorted sweets!

How do you improve on a potato?  You fry it.

How do you improve a pickle?  You fry it.

How do you improve a Twinkie?!?  You fry it!

We have all been to Ren Faires and county faires and seen the stands offering deep fried sweets. This became a huge deal in the late 90s and early 2000s. Candy vars and every other type of treat imaginable was being brought out, breaded and deep fried.  The popularity of these items made themfavorites around not only the faire circuit but the theme park circuit as well.

The first place that I tried the deep fried Twinkie was at Dollywood, a theme park in the Smokies.  I got in line to the barking of vendor claiming that he had the next break through treat – the Deep Fried Twinkie.  I stepped to the window and got placed my order for, what I hoped would be the most delicious thing I have ever eaten.  What I got was exactly what it sounds like, a fried Twinkie.  It was good but it was nothing worth repeating.

On a recent trip to the Tennessee Renaissance Festival though, I got to try a Deep Fried Snickers (The picture to the left is not me, but a friend of mine).  I am a fan of the Snickers bar.  Getting one deep fried and covered in powdered sugar just simply takes it to the next level.  The only piece of caution I would give is that the fried Snickers has just been fried – IT IS HOT!  In fact the molten chocolate is like a small volcano.  I suggest eating it while bending at the waist so that the chocolate can go straight on the ground instead of down your face or worse onto your garb.

Want to experience the delight of a deep fried Twinkie or Snickers at you home, below is a recipe (for other sweets, just substitute the your favorite sweet treat for the word Snickers.



  • Snickers Candy Car
  • Funnel Cake Mix
  • Frying Oil
  • Popcicle Sticks
  1. Push one of the popcicle sticks into the Snickers about halfway.
  2. Place the Snickers with the popcicle stick in it in the freeze until it is frozen solid.
  3. Make the funnel cake mix per the directions on the packet and then dip the frozen Snicker into the batter, coating it liberally.
  4. Fry the dipped Snicker in oil until it is golden brown – can test the oil to make sure that it is hot enough by dropping a little piece of batter in the oil to see if it begins to fry.  The process of frying the Snickers will not take more then a few minutes.
  5. You are going to want to place the Snicker on some paper towels to let it drain.
  6. Top with powdered sugar and you are ready to eat.