Doktor Kaboom

Science, science science… KABOOM!  Here is your formula:

  1. One part science
  2. One part fun
  3. Mix thoroughly and enjoy

doktor kaboomThis is the formula for fun with Doktor Kaboom.  He is equal parts scientist and comedian and one of the best showman that you will ever see at a Ren Faire or any stage that they give him access to.  He blends education with his act in such a way that you will forget that you are learning something.  Add to this the fact that he blows stuff up and it doesn’t get much better then this.

This twisted mad-man takes the alchemist path at the Renaissance Festivals at which he performs.  Playing with chemicals and using the chemistry that he went to school to learn, he makes science fun and completely cool.  Watch for fire, explosions and if you are not careful you might learn something in his show as well. He plays well to the kiddies in the audience but his version of science and learning and comedy appeals to everyone.

He pulls people up into his act and get the crowd going.  The louder the crowd gets the more fun he is going to have.  Watch him blow things up, toss food at unsuspecting passersby, launch bananas from a catapult or even throw food over the heads of the crowd with a trebuchet.  The sky is the limit and science is the only limitation.

Here is a brief glimpse of his act:

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