Don Juan & Miguel

The picture below explains why you need to go to see the Don Juan & Miguel Show.  That is pasta getting whipped out of Miguel’s mouth.  Let me repeat that for those of you that are a little slow:  pasta being WHIPPED out of a man’s mouth.

Don Juan & Miguel weave comedy, adventure, romance, whips and swordplay into one of the most delightful shows you will ever see at a Renaissance Festival.  They have been performing their show for over 20 years and they are one of the greats.  Other acts have gotten started by watching these two lovable characters.  From humor to playful jabs with each other and the audience, they are experts at improvisation and their ability to twist and morph their act to the crowd no matter how large or how intimate is as much fun to watch as the show itself.

The Show:
Don Juan, exiled Prince of Spain turned pirate and adventurer come tot he festival with his manservant Miguel and his daughter Esmeralda on board his ship the Dreaded.  They show off their abilities with the whip, the sword and of course with the ladies.  You will see members of the crowd, maybe you, yourself, get pulled on stage.  You will find Don Juan and Miguel roaming through the crowd.  You never know to what extent they will go to get a laugh.

They also have their hands in making your experience at the faire even better.  Since 1995 they have added 2 dungeons, and archery game and a life size maze at the various faires they attend and work with.  They have submitted a movie to a film festival.  They are two of the most talented men that you will ever get to see on stage and just think the cost is included with your entrance into the faire.  What more could you ask for?

Throughout the year you will see them perform at Ren Faires in 5 states across the country.  If you are near one of these faires, do yourself a favor and go… NOW!

  • Arizona Renaissance Festival
  • Scarborough Faire
  • Sterling Renaissance Festival
  • Pennsylvania Renaissance festival
  • Carolina Renaissance  Festival

Make Don Juan and Miguel part of your day at the fair.  Look for the really big feathers sticking out of the top of the conquistador hat, they will be towering above the rest of the crowd, and follow the man connected to the hat, to the stage.  Sit toward the front so you can really get involved in the show and remember like any good act at the Ren Faire, their act changes throughout the day so go back to each performance, you will not be disappointed.

-Bobaganush the Pirate