Dragon’s Mantle

Custom Renaissance & Medieval FaireWare

One thing you will find a lot at the Ren Faires that you visit, are a number of custom clothiers. They will have plenty of examples out for you to look at and potentially try on, but they will also tell you that if you are looking for something specific, that they will be glad to work with you to make you something that is literally one-of-a-kind and made to your measurements.  One of those unique, custom clothiers is the Dragon’s Mantle.

They explain the reason they got into the costume making business better then I ever could:

One day, we found ourselves engrossed in the Renaissance/Medieval Faire life.  As we are of taller than average stature, and found it near impossible to find ready made Garb to fit us appropriately, I drew on my long history of sewing and began making our own Renaissance clothing.

I can’t think of a better reason to get into this business and to mix with the wonderful Rennies around the US and the world.  They saw a need, a need that many of us have experienced and they decided to fulfill that need and in the process to start a small business.  That is the Renaissance spirit at work.  Breaking out of the everyday and using the talents you have in this case to clothe people that need something you can’t just get off the rack.


If you look through the pictures above, you will see the love and devotion they put into their work.  You will see how the good folks at the Dragon’s Mantle work with their customers to make sure that they are getting everything that they need and want in a costume.  If you have been looking for that one piece of garb that you need to complete the perfect Ren Faire outfit, visit the Dragon Mantle online and drop them an email.  They will work with you on the patterns of the fabric, the measurements and everything else that you need to tie your costume together and make you the shine at the next faire that you attend.

Custom clothing?!?  It used to be the everyday, the norm, the usual.  Now, it only exists in in niche markets and one of those markets, my dear Rennies, is the Ren Faire world.

Dragon’s Mantle
Akron, OH