Who do you want to be today?

These guys are one of my favorite online merchants for all things pirate.  But, with an eye to all things steampunk, they also have a great selection of Steampunk merchandise.  Let’s take a look:

Dress Like a Pirate (DLaP) carries full costumes and all the accessories for your Steampunk needs.  Whatever archetype you choose, they have it all.  Overskirts, bustles, blouses, vests, top hats, coats and much more.  Here are a few of their pieces that have stood out to me over the years:

  • dlap 2Pinstripe Hardcore Corset – stays every 2 inches, pinstriped, beautiful – this is a fully functional corset that will put the finishing touches on your airship pirate queen cosplay.  This is a piece of clothing not a costume, it is completely finished and looks amazing.
  • Sky Pirate Jacket – This fitted jacket is covered in straps and buckles with plenty of room to put your own insignia on.  The epaulets lend it that air of sophistication while the strapping gives it a definite Steampunk feel.  Looking for a change to your airship captain, then jump on the pirate band wagon.
  • Low Danger Monoggle – As you all know the chief accessory for all things Steampunk is the google or in this case the single goggle – the monoggle.  This good looking piece is wonderful over your eye or just as an accessory on your top hat.
  • Steampunk Maryjane – These are standard Maryjane style shoes, with a little bit of Steampunk flare thrown in here and there for accent.
dlap 1So as you can see from the items above, they can get you covered in their Steampunk best.  Visit the site, pick a character type and start adding things to your shopping cart.  I have bought items from them in the past (including my pirate boots – that I wear to most faires) and they are great to deal with, very pleasant and ready to answers questions. Plus their shipping is amazingly fast.

DLaP even goes to some Steampunk events like SteamCon.  So if you happen to be at an event this year you might get to handle the merchandise before you buy it.