drum2 (640x426)Something a little different for this post.  I got to see the show at Dollywood during their Festival of Nations festival a few years ago (if I want to be honest it is more like five years ago) year.  Drum! is simply one of the best shows they have ever had in one of their theaters, during this festival.  Highly entertaining and full of history, it was better than I expected and I went back to see it a couple of times.  Now, I know what you are thinking:  “What does a show at Dollywood have to do with Ren Fairs?”  You’re right, it is a stretch but here is the hook:  Great tribal and Celtic music mixed with Acadian flare and the story of a mixed culture of people make this not only an entertaining show but you learn about a people’s history as well.  Terrific and, I would argue, topical.

drum3 (428x640)The show is the story of the people of Nova Scotia.  From the intense beat of the Mi’kmaq Native American people you add the influence of the French Acadians that came to the land on the tall ships.  Then you add the music of the Celtic people that came to this beautiful land, looking for a place to… land.  Add to these flavors the rich tones of the African people that came to call Nova Scotia home and you have the experience of  Drum!  A Great story told in song, rhythm and dance.

Each of these music styles and the people that the represent get their own segment in the show and then they also add their influence to the overall theme. Drum! is still touring. If you get a chance to see them i highly recommend it.

-Bobaganush the pirate