Dungeons & Dragons

that should be AD&D 1st Edition Rules

add1So, while I was writing the other day and surfing the web for stuff for you, my faithful Rennies, I realized yet another reason why I like… nay… love Ren Faires. (for more info on this subject check out Why I Love Ren Faires Part 1 & Part 2).  I played a lot of D&D as a kid and walking through a faire is like being in a campaign at times.  Looking through the merchants booths is like actually ‘being‘ in the character creation process.

When I was in late elementary school and middle school, I had a very dear friend that got me into role playing games.  And I don’t mean someone sitting in the basement of their house or their mother’s house staring ata computer screen.  I mean someone sitting in the basement of their house or their mother’s house playing a table top game with people in the same room – people that they know.  In this case it was my buddy from school a few other friends and his brothers.  We sat around the dining room table and listened as one of his older brothers ran the campaigns.  Good times!

So, at my first trip to the Ren Faire, I was with people that had gamed back in the day.  I was with people that caught the references to D&D that people dropped.  And though we had never actually gamed together, they had the same feeling as me.  They felt that same feeling of being somewhere else.  They had the feeling that we were living the campaigns we played back in the day.

add2Looking through the first leather booth we stopped in I thought to myself:

“This is what it would be like to be a thief that was about to go adventuring.”

You pick up the pieces of armor, the bracers and the grieves, you pickup the spauldrons and the chest pieces and all of a sudden you realize that this is literally what you were having the character do as you bought new armor from a merchant.  You pick up the chain mail hood and shirt, you actually strap on honest to goodness plate armor and you understand what it would have been like to have gone into combat wearing armor, to have depended on your armor to save your life.

You step from that booth to the a weaponsmith.  You pick up swords.  You pick up dagger.  You pick up a mace.  You hold a weapon that is designed to inflict damage, that is designed to cleave or flatten your opponent.  You know what it would have been like to play a fighter or a Paladin, to step into the blacksmith and pick out the sword that you were going to carry to defend your order. Very cool when you think about it in those terms.

As you walk through your next faire, if you were a gamer back in the day, think about what you are actually doing.  You are walking in a faire that might have happened in one of the cities that you developed in your imagination back in the day.  While taking in a show you might want to realize that these types of shows would have happened in those faires that they talked about in the fantasy games of our youth.  Don’t decide to attack the guy that looks like a barbarian, he is probably just a teacher in real life but realize that if you were into RPGs as a kid, you are living one now – you are in a D&D campaign.