Ear Cuffs

Why do I keep losing them!

If you have read a any of my writings you probably know that when I go in garb, I go in pirate garb.  From tricorne to cuffed boots, I am prepared for any pillaging that needs to be done.  You also know, if you have read anything I have written, that I believe that accessories make the costume.   Without the right accessories, and plenty of them, you are just a dork in a costume – looking like you forgot that it isn’t Halloween.

Ear Cuff 1
To that end, I am always adding accessories.  Clay pipes are in my future.  But I am a jewelry whore.  At one of the first faires that I went to in garb, I saw a booth that had ear wraps and ear cuffs.  I thought: ‘Wow, jewelry for my ear and I don’t have to get anything pierced (yes, I am a wuss and don’t want to get my ear pierced, the lop I wear is a plunger style).

So, I started browsing through the pieces they have and I find a cuff with a skull and bones on it.   It is not huge but I think it will look good with the garb so I get it.  This is ear cuff 1.  I wear it the rest of the day clipped to the top of my left ear.  I get back to the car that afternoon and it is gone.  Literally had this ear cuff for a matter of 5 hours.

Ear Cuff 2
A couple of faires later, I decide to try it again.  I found an ear cuff with a pirate flag that dangled from the top of the cuff.  Loved it!  Wore it the rest of the day and even made it to the car with it.  Next faire, which is the next weekend.  I break out the accessories box, but the ear cuff on and in the middle of the day I am telling someone about the ear cuff I bought, reach up to show it to them and… GONE!  This was the longest tenure of any of my ear cuffs to date.

Now I am pissed.

Ear Cuff 3
I decide to never buy an ear cuff again.  But, a year later, another faire, and i see one that I like.  This one is again, a simple cuff with a pirate motif (don’t even remember it because I was already determined that I was gonna lose it too).  I wore it all day, and by all day I mean that I realized, that 45 minutes after buying it I had lost yet another ear cuff.

I did determine what the problem was though.  My ears brush the brim of my tricorne and I think they just get pushed off my ears.  So, though I may never enter the world of the ear cuff again, I love them.  My ears are virtually the only part of me that is not decorated.  I would love to say when you see me at the next faire that I will have one on each ear, but if it is late in the date – I will have lost them both.

Any tips on wearing ear cuffs, let me know.

A quick shout out – the image that I used is by a company called Mary Magic.  Beautiful jewelry, go check them out.