Excalibur Leather

Creating handmade leather goods since 1971!

Excalibur LeatherLeather goods are a part of almost every costume that you will find at the Ren Faire.  Whether it is a hat, a pair of bracers or a belt there is going to be leather somewhere on your person while you are in garb.  To that end, you need to find a leather merchant that you can trust.  One of those leather crafters that have been around for a long time, are the good people at Excalibur Leather.

Excalibur Leather has been in business since 1971 and they provide leather goods that are made by hand and even allow you to order custom items as well.  They realize that buying off the rack is not always a choice depending on your genre.  If you need that pair of bracers in green, they can do that.  If you need a certain length belt, of a hat that is turned a little differently, they can take care of those needs as well.

Excalibur Leather has been selling their wears at Renaissance Festivals for decades.  They know there audience and they know the garb.  They know what you are looking for.  Those of you who have read some of the articles on RenOutfitters know that I believe that accessories make or break you costume.  Finding those items that you really need to bring everything together is hard, finding them all in one place, like Excalibur Leather is not only a time saver but you know you are going to come out of the experience with quality, hand-crafted goods that will stand the test of time.

Excalibur Leather is a collection of leather workers that turn out quality gear that will last you season to season.  Look through their catalog online, find out where they will be displaying their wares and then visit them at a faire or festival near you.  If you don’t see what you need, give them a call or drop them an email, they are artisans and they will help you with whatever your heart might desire.