or Fairies or wee folk or good folk or people of peace or fair folk

Faeries have a lot of names and if you spent any time walking through the lanes at a Ren Faire you are going to see their influence everywhere.  From the fairy wings attached to the young and old to street performers to art, faeries are literally everywhere.

The fair-folk abound in European folklore.  It is possible that the term fairy originated from Italian or French and referred to the ‘fates.’  Either way, faeries pop-up throughout folklore of all the European countries.  For instance in the Welsh legends, they are referred to as the fair folk.  They watch over all the magical aspects of the world and account for all the magical occurrences in those Welsh tales.  And those faeries also come out in pop-culture as well.  Take Peter Pan, his sigekick in the novel is a pixie, or fairy named Tinkerbell.  The love of these wee folk as carried over to the Ren Faire circuit.

Fairy Wings
One of the first places you are going to see the faeries presence is the fairy wings.  In fact, it is hard to walk into a booth without the wings of some child poking you in the back.  But don’t think that the faerie wings are just for the young, they are also for the young at heart.  You will find people of all ages strapping on the wings.  I have everyone from middle aged men in their civvies with the wings on to entertain their children to knights in full armor, celebrating the last week of the faire with the wings attached to their armor.

Fairy Art
Check out some of the booths in as you walk through the marketplace.  You are going to find faeries in a lot of the art.  Every color of the rainbow will be represented in these paintings and sculptures and  other pieces of art.  Faeries can then be used to decorate your home or office, to make everything look a little more festive, a little more happy and they bring some glitter to your life.

Street Performers
From cast members that act as the living-scenery of the town to street performers that are getting paid to act, fairies have started to take over the streets of the Ren Faire.   One of my personal favorites is Twig the Fairy.  Twig delights audiences at the front gates of faires all over the nation.  Her whimsical look, her kind spirit and of course the way she draws kids into her circle is amazing to watch.  Plus, if you choose to follow Twig or any of the other faeries online you might be the recipient a drive-by-glitter-bombing.

And sometimes during the day, the only thing that gets me through is a good glitter-bomb.

Next fair you go to, be good to the faeries.  If they pass the hat tip them kindly.  If you have a child with you that wants to test their fairy-side, buy the wings.  In fact, buy a pair for yourself.  try out being a fairy for the day.  Who knows, it might make you smile.