Faire Pair Tights

Making People Pettable

Firstly, the tag line on their website needs to win an award for the one that made me laugh the hardest in a LONG time:  Making People Pettable.  I figured, since I have already covered the codpiece (not literally covered), and even a purveyor of the codpiece (Twigs and Berries), why not cover the tights that the codpiece covers.  Henceforth:  Faire Pair Tights.

Tights are a crucial part of a lot of Renaissance Garb.  If you are breaking out the Robin Hood look or if you are being very courtly, then you are probably going to need to invest in a pair of tights.  Or, if you are an entertainer, in the vane of Don Juan & Miguel or Dextre Trip, then you are going to need to invest in several pairs of tights.  Now, though I am not a tights kinda guy, tights are very practical and they look good depending on the garb you are in.

Faire Pair Tights carries more variety then you probably knew you could have in a pair of tights.  Different fabrics, different styles and even countless color variations may well leave you dazed from the choices.  Personally, if I was going to bust out with the tights I would jump on the 6 panel tights with 3 colors per leg – how cool would that be.  But, of course, seeing as I want to eventually end up in a kilt… no tights for me.

Check the faires they attend below and of course the separate list of acts that use their tights.  I can’t think of any better recommendation than the

Acts who use their tights:

  • Don Juan & Miguel
  • Dirk & Guido
  • Broon
  • Ralphie the Ragpicker

So, you are looking for tights.  You are wanting to make the jump to the tights and codpiece.  Start with the tights.  Go visit them at a faire near you or simply go online.  Lots of ‘helps’ for ordering and sizing and literally hundreds of options.  Go, tight-up!