Fellowship Foundry

Renaissance Pewter

Shaping and working with pewter is an age old process and has been forgotten by lots of modern artists as they seek different media to work in.  The good people at Fellowship Foundry are not so quick to change from this traditional art form.  They produce amazing, and more importantly, usable works of art that will take your breath away.

As you approach their booth one of the first things you will notice is the sun glinting off the crystal balls that line their tables.  These are amazingly beautiful, delicate creations that bring in all the wonder and awe that people of old felt when they were around those wise people that practiced divination with a crystal ball.  You have your choice 0f color and style, but it is a hard choice because they are all so wonderful.

One of my favorite things that they produce are the various glasses, cups and goblets that are on display.  From dragons to fairies and everything in between, you can find those special wine glasses or goblets that you have always wanted to complete your home decor.  They also have a full selection of cork stoppers to match the glasses that you purchase.  Take a look at the picture to the left.  You aren’t going to find these in a regular department store, they are not on the shelf at the local Target.  If you are looking for that touch to set your wedding apart, you have found the merchant that can help you with those items.  Red glasses with dragon stems that intertwine?  Where else do you find this kind of craftsmanship but at the Ren Faire.

Fellowship Foundry also has limited edition sculptures that have become collectibles of a whole different level.  People make sure to contact Fellowship Foundry each year so that they can reserve their purchase and make sure they have the full set.  Check out the Renaissance Dragon and you will get a taste of their limited edition work.

Fellowship Foundry visits faires and festivals all over the country each year, check out their facebook page and the schedule page on their website for more details.

Fellowship Foundry is one my favorite stops at the Georgia Renaissance Festival each year.  Browsing through their wares and finding the things that are new is a past-time and I have dropped more money at their booth then I would like to admit.  Looking for crystal balls, goblets or wine glasses that fit a certain genre?  You need look no further then the Fellowship Foundry.