What makes comedy better?  MUD!

So if you are looking to make your comedy better, look no further then the Filthy Rotten Scoundrels!  Part comedy, part crowd participation and full-on mud pit madness.  They let you know up fron that you are coming to a mud show.  And quite frankly I am a sucker for a good mud show.  There is just something about people splashing in water or diving in mud that cracks me up.

They some vaudeville.  You gotta love vaudeville.  Cheesy jokes with lots of steady punchlines, raining down like the mud that will splatter you if you sit in the front row.  The Man Eating Chicken bit is a personal favorite.  They like to pick on the crowd.  They also cater their act to the crowd so that the jabs at the crowd are topical.

Here is how you know they do a good mud pit show:  the back of their stage is covered in mud.  You have to really work to get the mud on the back of the stage.  You have to be slinging the mud for it to cake on the walls.  The finale with the fight in the mud pit is a thing of beauty and not to be missed.  You can see part of it in the video below.


All in all, this is good comedy with great timing done mud pit style.  They bill themselves as:  “part beggas, part kings, part stuntman and part madmen.”  I would agree with that statement.  Make sure to plan and sit in on their show if they are at the next faire you attend.