I have commented many times on this site that the sure fire way to make any show better is to add fire. Fire is always exciting and always a crowd drawer.

Think about the fire shows that you do see at the Ren Faire.  I sat down at a Dextre Tripp show one year and when he said he was going to blow himself up at the last show – guess where I was at the end of the day.  Yes, friends and neighbors, I was butt in seat at the last Dextre Tripp Show.  And he did blowhimself up and fun was had by all.  Fire is better!

At the Carolina Renaissance Festival, their tribal belly dance troupe always does a fire dance.  They use fire in several different ways and not only is it beautiful but it looks great in photos and it draws a crowd.  People that might not stop at a belly dancing show will find themselves drawn in by the fire swinging through the air.  Of course, the fact that the fire is being handled by beautiful women does not hurt.

Take Adam Crack – he is a world record holding whip cracker but the fire whip is his finale.  The fire whip is his contract with the audience.  Stay here long enough and you will get to see me light a whip on fire and crack it around my head.  There is an element of danger.  There is an element of fear.  There is the whole “Don’t play with fire” idea that we have been taught by our parents and here is a guy that is lighting a whip on fire.

So, I want to see more fire shows.  I want to see people enjoy more shows and one way that I think the performers can do that is to start working with fire.  Even in shows that don’t usually use fire – start working with fire.  In fact I would be fine with an all fire round of final shows for the day at the Ren FAire.

10 Shows Fire Shows that we all want to see.

  1. Ded Bob… On FIRE! – This is bad for Smuj or Sluj but trust me – FIRE is better!
  2. Cutthroat Shamrock is on Fire! – And I don’t mean just their music.  The fast paced show really takes off when all the instruments are on fire.  Their hottest tunes really reach a fever pitch as the stage catches fire around them.
  3. Hanlon-Lees Fire Joust – Same joust show but the lances are on fire.  I admit the danger level is increased but it would add a new aspect to the last joust of the day.
  4. Jayna Lee’s Fire & Silk Show – Her famous Aerial Silk Show with fire. (Of course, with Jayna she may have already done this.)
  5. Christophe the Fire Insultor – His insults will burn just a little more when he is… on fire!
  6. Nickel Shakespeare Girls: Hamlet is on Fire! – They do Hamlet while… on fire!
  7. Tortuga’s Do Fire! – You can take that show title where ever you want.
  8. Washing Well Wenches:  Buckets of Fire – This is their standard show but the washing tub is full of FIRE.  Obviously the dive into the fire will require some preparation but I think we all agree that it will be worth it.  The splash zone might need to be roped off for this one.
  9. Barely Balanced:  Kings of the Fire Stilts! – They have to walk fast but it will be fun to watch.
  10. Nuttin But Mud changes its name to Nuttin’ but FIRE – Slappy – on fire  – running through the crowd!  Talk about a crowd drawer.

-Bobaganush the Pirate